• ​​Objectives

            1.  To provide insurance coverage and financial support to the farmers in the event of failure of any of the notified crop as a result of natural calamities, pests & diseases.

            2.  ​To encourage the farmers to adopt progressive farming practices, high value inputs and higher technology in Agriculture.

            3.  To help stabilise farm incomes, particularly in disaster years.

  • Salient Features​

            1.  Crops Covered
            2.  States & Areas to be Covered
            3.  Farmers to be Covered
            4.  Risks Covered & Exclusions
            5.  Sum Insured / Limit of Coverage
            6.  Premium Rates
            7.  Premium Subsidy
            8.  Sharing of Risk
            9.  Area Approach and Unit of Insurance
           10. Seasonality Discipline
           11. Estimation of Crop Yield
           12. Levels of Indemnity & Threshold Yield
           13. Nature of Coverage and Indemnity
           14. Procedure for Approval & Settlement of Claims
           15. Financial Support Towards Administration & Operating (A&O) Expenses
           16. Corpus Fund
           17. Reinsurance Cover
           18. Management of the Scheme, Monitoring and Review
           19. Implementing Agency
           20. Benefits Expected from Scheme
           21. Operational Modalities